Simin Tong

Credit: ESO


PhD Student at University of Leicester

Hi, welcome to my homepage! I am Simin Tong (click for pronunciation, written as 思敏 童 in Chinese characters), a first-year PhD student at University of Leicester under the supervision of Prof. Richard Alexander. Before moving to Leicester, I studied astronomy at Leiden University, from which I received my master's degree. I did my undergraduate at Jilin University (China), where I studied physics and law.

My research interests are protoplanetary disks and planet formation. I would like to study them from both theoretical and observational perspectives.

In my master's project, I studied the Serpens star-forming region with data observed by the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) under the supervison of Dr. Nienke van der Marel . We did continuum and line imaging using data reduction tool CASA (Common Astronomy Software Applications package) and analysed the dust disk mass distribution to investigate the dynamical influence on protoplanetary disks.